Beauty: Nourishing Homemade Foot Scrub Recipe

After an adventure-packed summer filled with hiking, biking, running, SUPing, and prolific flip-flop wearing, our feet are flabbergasted. And rough, calloused, and in need of some serious TLC. Take some […]

Gear Review: Shamma Barefoot Running Sandals

Barefoot running is a blast, but even the toughest toesies need a little protection. That’s just what Santa Cruz-based Shamma Sandals provides with their Mountain Goat barefoot running sandals. This […]

Reads We Love: The Memoir of Activist Shannon Galpin

Debuted yesterday, the memoir of Shannon Galpin is a gripping story of this human rights activist’s highs and lows—and her battle for girls and women’s education and equality in Afghanistan. […]

NEW Giveaway! Costa del Mar Sunglasses

Got opinions, love great gear, and dig stellar giveaways? In this contest, 2 poll participants (that’s not ONE but TWO winners) will score a pair of high-performance, polarized, and […]

Video of the Week: Athleta Apparel Fashion Show

Love style and performance? Women’s active apparel hit the runway last week when Athleta showed up at NYC’s famed Fashion Week with its active-inspired, choreographed #crushofadrenaline performance mixing fashion and […]

Good Eats: Simple 5-Minute Trail Mix Recipe

Sometimes, I’m certain that I hike simply because it’s a good reason to eat trail mix. What’s not to love? Savory, salty, protein-packed nuts married with all manner of decadent […]