Female Adventurers: River Runner Georgie White Clark

What makes an adventuresome lady a renegade? A woman who set the bolts, gallops the stallion, and incessantly stair-steps in crampons—ice axe in hand—like it’s a spring picnic. We are […]

Shipwrecked? Avalanche? Blind date? You Need These Survival Strategies

There are life-threatening situations (tsunamis, avalanches) and pride-threatening situations that inspire almost the same amount of panic (public speaking, waking up with a new tattoo). A little advice on both […]

Good Eats: Superfood Kohlrabi Salad Recipe

Love exotic veggies? Then Kohlrabi, a trendy cabbage-cum-superfood bulb vegetable, might be a perfect fit for your culinary arsenal this summer. Of German origins, the refreshingly light kohlrabi can be […]

New Travel App Delivers Urban Adventure 411

Traveling to Austin for work but want to grab a trail run on your evening off? Road tripping with friends with SUPs on board and passing through Chattanooga? Got a […]

Video of the Week: Wingsuit Pilot Ellen Brennan

While her passion is diving off cliffs in a wingsuit, 27-year-old BASE jumper + wingsuit pilot Ellen Brennan is convinced she’s not “wild.” She’s just driven to fly. In this […]

Tighten Up with 3 Simple Core Strength Yoga Poses

Feel like core exercises are a bore? While a stomach-strengthening routine can be tedious, core strength is crucial. Whether you bike, run, ski, hike, or surf, shoring up your core […]