Halloween Hot List: 15 Spooky Nights in National Parks

The cracking sound of a twig in the distance. The menacing hoot of a lone owl in the pitch-black night. The inexplicable creak of a floorboard in an empty historic […]

Chloe McCardel Completes Longest Marathon Swim

Australian swimmer Chloe McCardel successfully completed a 78-mile swim between two islands in the Bahamas last week. The epic swim took her 42.5 hours, which her support team says is […]

Lynsey Dyer Talks About the First All-Women’s Ski Film

Lynsey Dyer is making history. This fall, the big-mountain freeskier and Eddie Bauer athlete debuted the first-ever crowd-sourced, crowd-funded all-women’s ski movie—Pretty Faces. Dyer is the visionary behind this project, […]

Good Eats: Simple Pumpkin Oat Energy Bars Recipe

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Ladies we Love: Mountaineer & Author Alison Levine

There’s a lot to say about history-making polar explorer and mountaineer Alison Levine. She not only served as team captain of the first American Women’s Everest Expedition, but she’s also […]

Ultimate Travel Shoes: Patagonia Maha Breathe

I’ve always longed for the perfect pair of ballet flats. They are the utimate travel shoes—chic, simple, sophisticated, mobile, understated—need I say more? But, even after trying all manner of […]