Emily Kopp’s New Album Supports Pulse Victims

When the worst mass shooting in United States modern history took place at Pulse Orlando nightclub—53 injured and 43 lives lost—last month, Florida local and musician Emily Kopp was in […]

Renegade Female Adventurers: Beverly Johnson

What makes an adventuresome lady a renegade? A she-go-getter that sets the bolts, gallops the stallion, and stair-steps in crampons—ice axe in hand—like a spring picnic. In this WomensMovement.com series, we celebrate the […]

Patagonia Debuts Mountain Bike Gear

Everything this company touches seems to turn to gold—and now it’s trying its hand at mountain bike apparel. We test its debut pieces on the trail. When I heard that […]

Nepali Woman Battles Sexism to Summit Everest

It was unjust. Women from 16 other countries had summited Everest, but not one Nepalese female had been permitted. In a political and social battle, Pasang Lhamu Sherpa set out […]

First Ascent: Alison Levine Reaches Antarctic Summit

When mountaineer Alison Levine and six teammates made a first ascent of Hall Peak–a 7,116-foot Antarctic peak that rests in Larsen Valley, one of the most dangerous sections of the icy continent–they […]

Yoga Retreat in the Rockies: Rhythms of Nature

I was surrounded by Colorado shortgrass and bittersweet mountain sagebrush. In a glacier-carved U-shaped valley hemmed by a ridgeline called South Lateral Moraine, our circle of yoga students stretched their […]